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Glorious Islamic Centre Constitution

PREAMBLE:  For the proper understanding of Islam by Muslims and non                       Muslims alike, it is desirable to set up an Islamic organization with                      the Motto: Peace, Tolerance and Goodness in the light of Islam.
Name:              The organization shall be known, called and addressed as
GLORIOUS ISLAMIC CENTRE.  (Hereinafter referred to as
“The   CENTRE” and also be abbreviation to mean GIC).
The objectives for which the CENTRE is established are:

a.    To educate Muslims and non –Muslims alike in the light of Islam.
b.    To cater of Social, Moral and Spiritual needs of all persons.
c.    To cooperate with any lawful organization for the proper understanding of Islam.
d.    To promote education and scholarship through study, symposia, debates conferences, film- strips and any other lawful means.
e.    To own and maintain branches with well –equipped religious libraries Hostels and Mosques in Nigeria and abroad.
f.    To extend the spirit of fellowship and friendliness to deserving individuals organizations.   


a.    Membership of the CENTRE shall be open to all Muslims willing to be members.
b.    Enrolment shall be by completion of application form, which is obtainable from the secretary of any branch of the CENTRE. Every applicant shall be sponsored by two financial members of the CENTRE.
c.    Membership fees: Every member shall pay membership fees and subscription fees as prescribed from time to time.
GLORIOUS ISLAMIC CENTRE shall have four distinct classes of meeting as follows:
•    General Meeting
•    Executive Meeting
•    Emergency Meeting
•    Tri-ennial General Meeting
a.    The meetings shall be held after due notice has been circulated.
b.    Executive meetings shall be held as the need arises.
c.    The emergency meetings shall be convened at the instance of the president or the General Secretary as the need arises.
d.    The Tri-ennial General Meeting shall be held every three years.
e.    The venue of meetings shall be determined by the President or the General Secretary of the chairman of the proposed meeting

a.    One third of the members or those eligible to attend shall form a quorum at the General, Emergency and Tri-ennial General Meeting.
b.    One third of the Executive Members shall form a quorum at any Executive or executive Committee meeting.
c.    Decisions at any meeting shall be carried by single majority except as otherwise stated.
d.    Decisions reached at all meetings where a quorum is formed shall be binding on all members.
a.    All officers of the Centre shall be elected by secret ballot. The President shall have a casting vote should there by a tie, except when the election relates to the post of President.
b.    A bye-election shall be conducted to fill any vacant post within two months of the post becoming vacant.
c.    The candidate with a simple majority is deemed duly elected in to office
d.    All posts shall be declared vacant and contested for once in three years.

The national Headquarters shall be for the time being at Plot 460 Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Vulcanizer Bus Stop Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.
There shall be the following with the Board of Trustees at the apex.

a.    Board of Trustees
b.    National Executive Committee
c.    Branch Executive Committee
d.    Sub-committees (National and Brand)


i.    The board    of Trustees shall consist of seven members.
ii.    The Executive Committees (National and Branch)Shall consist of all the co-ordinate’s of the sub- committee and five other members duly elected at the Tri- ennial general Meeting .These five other members being the
President,(2)  Vice-President ,(3) General Secretary (4) National Financial Secretary (5) National treasure for the National Executive committee and five members being the (1) Branch Chairman , (2) Branch Vice Chairman,(3) Branch Secretary, (4) Branch Financial Secretary and (5) Branch Treasurer for the Branch Executive Committee.


Shall be responsible for the day to day running of the CENTRE and also for the membership drive. It shall appoint the following specific committees to under take specific business of the CENTRE namely:
(2) Financial Committee:
Shall have charge of all financial maters including fund raising, budgeting, appropriation fees, expenditures, etc.
(3)Social and Welfare Committee
Shall be responsible for all media of communication used for, or solicited by the CENTRE and shall develop a reading and circulating library, and manage a publication bureau for the CENTRE. Shall be responsible for social activities and programmes including sports and games. It shall have supervision over all matters relating to the physical aspect of all meetings, sports and games transportation, welfare, etc.
Shall be responsible for all matters relating to Islam and the propagation of the faith among the young and old.

a.    Such Trustees shall be seven in number and shall be know as “the Registered Trustees of the GLORIOUS ISLAMIC CENTRE”
b.    the Trustees of GLORIOUS ISLAMIC CENTRE for the purpose of the Companies and Allied Matters Act No 1 of 1990 (Part C) shall be appointed at a General Meeting of the CENTRE of which one third of the members shall form a quorum of the meeting charged with the responsibility of selecting the trustees.
c.    The Trustees may hold office for life but a Trustee shall cease to hold office if he:
i.    Resigns his office
ii.    Ceases to be a member of the CENTRE.
iii.    Becomes insane.
iv.    Is officially declared bankrupt.
v.    Is convicted of a crime offence involving dishonesty by Court of competent jurisdiction.
vi.    Is recommended for removal from office by two-thirds majority of members qualified to vote, and present at any Tri-ennial General Meeting of the CENTRE.
vii.    Ceases to be a Muslim.
d.    Upon a vacancy occurring in the number of Trustees, Emergency General Meeting shall be held to appoint another eligible member of GLORIOUS ISLAMIC CENTRE.
e.    The Trustees shall have a common seal.


f.    Such common seal shall be kept in the Custody of the National General Secretary who shall produce it when required for use by the Trustees.

g.    All documents to be executed by the Trustees shall be signed by each of them and sealed with the common seal.

Signatory to the CENTRE’S Funds, shall be any two of the following Officers the President, the Vice President, the National General Secretary and the and the National Treasurer in the case of the National Executive Committee and the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasure in the case of a Branch. This arrangement can be amended from time as deemed fit by the Executive Committee (national and Branch). 

a.    The income and property of the CENTRE howsoever, wheresoever and whensoever derived,  shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the CENTRE as set forth in this constitution, and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly, by way of profit to the members of this CENTRE. Provided that nothing herein shall prevent the payment, in good faith, of reasonable and proper remuneration to any member of the CENTRE.

b.    If upon the winding-up or dissolution of the CENTRE there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the CENTRE but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions having objectives similar to the objective of the CENTRE and, which shall prohibit the distribution of its or  their income and property among its or their members.


a.    The President shall preside over all meetings of the CENTRE including Executive Committee, General Meeting and Conference and shall perform all duties incidental to his office, provided they do not run counter to any expressed provision of the Constitution of the CENTRE.
He shall in consultation with the national General Secretary call Executive Meetings when necessary

b.    Shall perform such functions as delegated to him by the President. In the absence of the President, he shall preside over meetings and exercise the President Powers.

c.    Shall keep records of all meetings such as the Executive Committee meetings, National Conferences, General Meetings and shall co-ordinate the activities of the Executive Committee. He shall issue, announce or, advertise notice of the meetings, stating the agenda, the time and the place of such meetings. He shall compile an annual Report of the CENTRE and perform all other secretarial and Administrative duties as may be allotted to him by the Executive Committee.

d.    All monies collected by the financial secretary on behalf of the centre shall be handed over to the Treasurer within 24 hours of such receipt. The Treasure shall issue a receipt for such amount. He shall pay against
Properly authorized vouchers, all payments of the CENTRE. All collections shall be banked within two working days after such collections. He shall prepare an income and Expenditure Account of the CENTRE together with a balance Sheet duly annexed with, and submit such prepared accounts to the Auditor for auditing purposes. The audited accounts and the Auditor’s report thereon shall be submitted to the National General Meeting or to the  Branch General Meetings as the case may be for consideration of members and approvals. He shall be responsible for the preparation and control of the Annual Budgets.

e.    Shall collect all dues and hand them over to the Treasurer within 24 hours of its collection. He shall keep proper records of all members’ levies, dues and donations. He shall maintain complete set of books of account showing the CENTRE incomes and expenses. He shall also perform any other financial duties, as may from time to time de directed by the Executive Committee.

f.    Shall be responsible for all the Publicity and other Publicity and other Public Relations, welfare and Social aspects of the organization. He shall plan and co-ordinate all the activities of the CENTRE in terms of the press, and he shall not issue any statement without the prior approval of the President and the National General Secretary.

G.    He should be the Religious Leader of the CENTRE with the responsibility of the spiritual and religious activities of the CENTRE and, heads the Mission Board. Each Brand the have an Assistant Missioner.

The books of account of the CENTRE, including that of the National Executive Committee shall be audited by an external Auditors / Auditors to be appointed at a General Meeting on a remuneration to be negotiated by the National Executive Committee.
As deeded fit, the National Executive Committee can ask such an auditor to audit the books of account of any branch and report thereon.
The Auditor shall be responsible for auditing Annual  Accounts of the CENTRE.
The National Executive Committee / Branch Executive Committee shall have power to appoint paid officers for the running of the affairs of the CENTRE.

The constitution shall be amended by a vote of two thirds majority of the financial members of the CENTRE present at a General Meeting and on complying with the following procedure:
a.    Only a financial member – branch can propose an amendment to the


b.    The proposed amendment shall be in writing which be supported by one              other financial member – branch.
a.    The proposed amendment shall be submitted by a registered mail to the National Executive Committee at least three months before the afore-said General Meeting.
b.    The National Executive Committee shall cause the proposed amendment to be circularized to other Branches at least two months before the said meetings.
c.    If the National Executive Committee fails to make any recommendation on the proposed amendment, the proposers of the amendment have the right to raise questions on their proposal before the meeting rises.
d.    No addition, alteration or amendment shall be made to or in the RULES AND REGULATIONS/ CONSTITUTION for the time being in force, unless the same has been previously submitted to and, approved by the Registrar-General.


25th April 2003.            25th April 2003.



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