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It gives a nostalgic feeling to recall the time when the Glorious Islamic Centre (GIC) was established and has come a long way from its modest beginning in 2001. It is easy to look over the past decade with a great deal of satisfaction at what we at Glorious Islamic Centre have achieved. But looking back has never been our style. Yes, we have looked back – to do a self-introspection, to check out our strengths and build on them for the exciting journey that lies ahead.

Our success has been a result of the hard work, persistence and commitment of each and every individual who at any time in our history has been a member of the Glorious Islamic Centre, one big family. It is through the untiring efforts of these people that Glorious Islamic Centre is growing towards a better tomorrow for all.

It has always been my belief that a man is limited only by his thoughts and there are no limits to achieve whatever we desire, as long as this is done within the boundaries of reason and ethics. This is what gives us the energy and drive to continue to march ahead on the road on which we started a decade ago.

One strange aspect of human beings is that when one dream is realized another dream dawns on the horizon of human vision. Obviously, the stock of events in the past ten years gives us a pleasing satisfaction. However, this jubilant impression hardly sustain for long when a number of future dreams call for a fresh commitment to march on the avowed mission of the trust.

The future demands from us viz the unwavering commitment to serve the humanity at large, the creative and innovative thinking to tackle complexities of future and the last but not the least the constancy of endeavours on the envisaged path.

Obviously, GIC must blow this spirit into the hearts and minds of youth so that they could play their future role well. The present feeling of pessimism, waywardness and adhocism must give vent to long term planning, constructive role and guided efforts.

We pray to God, the merciful the benevolent, to provide us with enough strength and unfailing zeal to keep on the long march ahead.

Engr. Akin Laguda
(The President, GIC)


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2016 Essay Competition: All entries must be recieved on or before Friday 6th November, 2016
2016 Essay Competition: Winners will be notified on 2nd of December, 2016.
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Zakat/Sadaqat Fund. We collect Zakat/Sadaqat to support our Programmes, among others. Cheque and cash contributions can be paid directly to: Glorious Islamic Centre Lagos (A/C No: 2127578487110) - GT Bank Plc, 33 Oba Akran Avenue Ikeja, Lagos.
Our Vision: .... A point of research and info-sharing for all Muslims.
Our Mission: To promote Peace, Tolerance and Goodness in the Light of Islam.
To be an Islamic NGO offering Educational, Medical and Social Services to everyone in need including Muslims and Non- Muslims.
Islamic Shop: We operate an Islamic Shop which situated at our base centre, Plot 460, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. Items like Authentic Islamic books, CDs, tapes, software, gifts, Islamic clothing, Clothing, Decorations, Children Corner toys, Islamic Magazines and many more are available in stocks. Store hours: Open 7 days a week from 9.00 AM - 6:00 PM.

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